Ravenscourt's Vision:
To provide the best possible residential rehab care to people suffering from addiction to alcohol and/or drugs

  • What does Ravenscourt offer? +

    We offer detox (for alcohol, opiates and prescribed medication), rehab and follow-up services for people with addiction problems. Clients are with us for a variety of packages from 2 week detoxes to stays of 12 weeks or more of detox and rehabilitation, followed by out-patient aftercare or residential secondary care.
  • How do I refer myself? +

    Phone us for an initial chat, whether for yourself, a family member, friend, or for a client. We can discuss what we are able to offer and invite the prospective client for an assessment.
  • What happens at the assessment? +

    The assessment is three-fold. It gives the prospective client an opportunity to see the project and have a look around, to meet and chat with the current client group and to have an assessment with a member of the counselling team. If this is difficult telephone assessments can be arranged. You are welcome to be accompanied on the assessment.
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My name is Mick and I arrived in Ravenscourt in March 2011. I had been taking drugs and drinking for thirty plus years. >>

I entered Ravenscourt in December 2010. I didn’t know what to expect, what I found was a structured non-judgmental establishment. >>

In April 2011 I was one of the lucky ones who were granted funding for three months for residential rehabilitation after struggling with alcoholism for almost 30 years. >>